Appeal by Shri Nathwani is something more than an addition to several other sites on Dwarka. The first two syllables ‘pn’ prefixed with the word Dwarka need not necessarily be taken as PN i.e. Parimal Nathwani. If that were the case (and the intention) then these syllables would have been placed in capital letters. On the contrary, pn signifies short form of ‘punyanagari’ or ‘pavitranagari’ (i.e. a righteous town). And why not, Dwarka has been a righteous town ever since Lord Krishna chose it for his seat.

The website is merely an expression of a prayer, devotion and the dedication to Dwarkadheesh. It is furtherance of a publication of our 2004 calendar with photos of Dwarkadheesh and the old town of Dwarka. The calendar, although circulated among a limited group, was received well by the society at large and the feedback received was overwhelming. Prior to that, we had also published ‘Bhaj Dwarkesh’ audio CD/cassette. The response was encouraging.

But there was much more than all this that prompted us to launch the website. Krishna as Dwarkadheesh has always been a great epitome. Surdas has sung a lot for ‘Bal Krishna’. Meera called him ‘GiridharGopal’. Narsimh Mehta prayed him as ‘Kanudo’ (remember ‘Kanji taari maa kahe she pan ame Kanudo kahi shun’) as well as in ‘Adwait’ form (‘Jujave Roope Anant Bhase’). Krishna as Shreenathji is also sung. But Krishna as Dwarkadheesh? Well! This website is a tiny limerick, if not even a sonnet. It is an attempt to pray and worship Lord Krishna as Dwarkadheesh. It is an attempt to restore the glory of the golden town that was Dwarka.

Millions of devotees contribute for the development day in and day out. Host of organizations (Reliance, Tata etc.) and the Governments extend fullest possible support. We are committed to do much more than what has been done so far, for Lord Dwarkadheesh and for the ‘punyanagari’ or ‘pavitranagari’ (i.e. a righteous town) Dwarka; and hence the website.

Parimal Nathwani