Dwarka temple, the Dwarka town as well as Bet Dwarka and Marine vicinity has great deal of archeological importance. It is however a neglected site from archeological point of view and will need tremendous impetus from policy makers, opinion formers as well as influential class of the society, if the past glory of the ancient golden Dwarka is to be restored.

Not only that, the area being the end of land of the country and the naval border with Pakistan in close proximity; is a highly sensitive area from country’s defense point of view.

Since Bet Dwarka is inaccessible by road, the economic development is hindered resulting into migration of natives adding further danger to the place which is both culturally and historically near and dear to the hearts of each and every Indian. The area can hardly wait any more and if it continues to be neglected further, would any time fall prey to the sinister designs of antisocial elements and even enemies of the country.

It is in this context, the Samiti humbly submits that a multi-pronged strategy to develop Dwarka and surrounding area is the need of the hour. Tourism and cultural enhancement is one of such means which would trigger economic development too, culminating into overall transformation of the area.